Saturday, May 30, 2015

Poem. "I seem to be a trajectory"

I seem to be a trajectory
Rather than a thing,
a streak across time's topography,
an illusion of physics, mass, solidity,
mostly made of memory
That was the future,
And only briefly 

So physics is a moving target,
Nothing solid as it seems,
Galaxies passing into dreams,
Beloved instances of light
And night.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


THE TRINITY: One of the young monks complained to Abba Jonathan: “when I go to pray, it seems like nothing is there.” 
“Exactly,” said Abba Jonathan, “the one to whom you pray is No-Thing.” 
 “So what about the Trinity? ” another monk asked him.
 “That’s easy,” replied Abba Jonathan, “Aim your prayers at the No-Thing, the Every-Thing, and the Wild-Thing.” 
“I guess by ‘Every-Thing’ you mean the 2nd Person of the Trinity,” the seeker responded.  
 “Yes,” said the older monk, “for ‘he has ascended far above all heavens, that he might fill all things.’ 
 The first inquirer asked, “So the one-to-whom-prayer-is aimed is both No-Thing and Every-Thing?” “You bet,” said Abba Jonathan, “and a Wild-Thing too.”    

Monday, May 11, 2015

Reflections on Community ...from"Rector's Forum" May 10 2015

reflections on Community, Dietrich Bonhoeffer... From Bill Danaher's Sunday "Rector's Forum" May 10. 2015

Following Bonhoeffer, CHRIsTIAN COMMUNITY is "divine" not "ideal". A matter of GRACE that proceeds from the intrusion of the OTHER, not the natural AFFINITIES based on ethnicity, mutual interests, goals, etc. AGAPE over EROS. 

"Church" exists on an institutional, systemic level like any other organization, but it does not transcend this limitation until it's natural affinities fall short, and it is confronted with the reality of the "other", the out-of-control, the strange. 

Bonhoeffer's work was cut short by martyrdom at the hands of the German fascists, but had he survived to develop his thoughts on community he might have come to be less suspicious of the natural affinities that motivate the creation of churches. We do not usually set out to find the "other" and form communities with it. Rather, we seek out other people whose experiences are similar, whose motivations seem trustworthy, and who (as Father Bill pointed out) "will do" for the purposes of spiritual pilgrimage, and we try to fashion our common life so as to be as receptive as possible to the intrusions of that Otherly Grace (my term). 
SO Without affinity the OTHER goes unrecognized; without Boundaries there can be no  transgression; without the institutional church there is no place for community to emerge.